Cheers, it's official!

Cheers, it's official!


With over 200 weddings under my belt, I have wedding planning & production down to a science!  Once you sign our Service Agreement, and make your initial payment to make our relationship official, our first step is to have you complete a detailed New Client Questionnaire which captures all your needs, likes, wants and priorities.  Once I know which elements matter the most to you and all the special features you're looking for, I create a thorough and detailed Planning Timeline which lays out what needs to be done and when so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re on schedule or not.  I also include custom vendor recommendations, tailored to your specifics, with whom we confirm pricing and availability beforehand.  You'll also get a custom Spending Guideline so you know the impact of various wedding vendor decisions, and wedidng elements.

Once you've okayed our vendor recommendations, I connect you with those vendors and help with negotiating details and a final contract, which I will review for you to make sure it covers everything you need.  Throughout the planning process, depending on what planning package you opt for, I either act as your main point of contact for all decisions and details (Planned & Produced package) or make sure vendors are updated in the month before the wedding, with your final decisions (Consult Coordinate & Design).

Over the course of the planning process, we schedule periodic progress calls, so you can update me on your evolving wedding vision and we can ensure nothing falls through the cracks.



Production Manager

Whether you are a full planning client or have only contracted for wedding day management, you are assigned a team including a Production manager, Production Assistant(s), and a Bridal Attendant.  This winning team ensure your day goes off like clockwork, starting with your production manager, who will be in constant communication with your vendors the entire week and day of your wedding.  Your venue and vendors will receive a detailed load-in schedule, floor plan and Production Schedule so everyone knows where to be and when.  Your PM is on-site for hours prior to the wedding and will effortlessly troubleshoot any hiccups that may occur, leaving you blissfully unaware of the mechanics behind a beautiful and seemingly flawless wedding day.

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Production Assistants

Our Production Assistants are the behind-the-scenes stars who make sure all your wedding items, favors, and special personal touches get laid out just so.  They assist our Floral & Decor team with executing your gorgeous wedding design.  For every moment in your Wedding Day Timeline, that requires toasting glasses, a change in shoes, or some other prop, they work tirelessly to make sure everything is in its right place at the right moment.

New Orleans luxury wedding planning package

Bridal Attendant

All of our full planning packages include the services of a dedicated Bridal Attendant, who is with the bride during prep to help make sure hair & makeup services go according to schedule and to provide any assistance you need with getting ready.  If you're going to do a "First Look", she'll be there to help coordinate that it goes smoothly.   She will ensure you get out the door on time, and down the aisle with everything beautifully in place.